Phi Camera

Phi Camera is an iPhone camera application which helps you compose better photos with guides based on the golden ratio (Phi). Phi Camera gives you phi spiral (often referred to as the Fibonacci Spiral) and grid overlays in the preview screen while taking pictures. Other features include:

  • Built in shooting tutorial and application help
  • Adjustable overlays. Pinch to scale the overlay spiral or grid.
  • Auto-crop option. In addition to the original photo, a copy can be saved in a 1:1.618 aspect ratio.
  • Overlay opacity adjustment. Fade the overlay from fully visible to invisible.
  • Cropping guides show you what will be cropped if saving cropped copy.

Looking for phi overlay images?

Use the images below in Photoshop to create custom crops on any image. ¬†For added visibility, colorize the overlay by using the layer’s style (select the phi layer, menu-> layer-> layer style-> color overlay and set the color of your choice)

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