Have you ever sat in a meeting and wondered just how much money is being spent on salaries for this meeting? Just how much is this time costing?
Meeting Cost gives you an idea of just how costly your work activities are.

You can select the average salary or wage of the meeting participants (or a rough estimate), and select the number of participants. Tap ‘Start’ and watch the dollars count up! Rotate to landscape and zoom in on the counter. Totals can be saved by date and viewed later.

– Bored in a meeting and wondering just how much money is being wasted?
– Use the counter in your own meetings to keep yourself and the participants on track.

What’s New in this Version

Automatic resume added!
If your app is interrupted or you need to exit Meeting Cost, the current session is saved. The next time you start the app, Meeting Cost will allow you to resume your last session.

Custom hourly wages added.
Each of the four employee categories listed under “Avg” can have a custom hourly wage assigned to them. This can make your usage a bit more discrete when setting the meeting participants and their average cost.

A new setting allows you to choose to enable / disable the sleep timer while the counter is running. This is enabled by default.

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