Phi Camera Updated – More flexible than ever.

I’ve recently updated Phi Camera, the app which allows you to compose photos with the power of the Golden Ratio and the Phi Spiral. Now with Phi Camera you can do much more than scale the spiral and grid overlay guides, you can scale, rotate and pan the guides to any position on the screen […]

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Downtime, hosting issues

Unfortunately we’ve had some downtime for the past two days while we had an issue with our web host. As we migrate to a new host it will take some time to get things working like they used to. Some data (recent comments, several posts and updates) have been lost but most of the data […]

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What are the new iOS5 Apps? – What to look out for

iOS 5 With the release date of apple’s iOS 5 quickly approaching we are starting to look out for new apps and updates. Listed below are some of the new features in iOS 5 and a few guesses on which apps may utilize these features. Visit us again once iOS 5 is officially released for […]

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Desktop Lock App – Lock your Mac or Windows desktop from your iPhone

Desktop Lock is a iPhone App available in the App Store which allows you to lock all of your Mac and Windows desktops with a single tap. Check out more on the Desktop Lock Homepage.

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Download phi overlay images

You can download phi spiral overlay images to help edit you iPhone photos in Photoshop.  Overlays for most iPhone/Ipod resolutions are available from the Phi Camera page.

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Server downtime

We experienced a few days of downtime starting Thursday June 2nd. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully the site will be faster and more robust.

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iShatter 1.3 now available

iShatter is back with a long awaited update! The app itself was given a bit of a facelift with a new scroll selection and black theme. Also, 2 new screens were added. The first new screen is a grid of light bulbs, some lit, some not and a few flickering. Each of the 56 bulbs […]

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iShatter audio bug

This just in… monaural CAF audio files no longer play on OS 3.0 iPhones and iPod touches. Meh. This prevents the audio from playing on the TV page if you are running the 3.0 software. Well an app update is waiting in the apple approval queue. Hopefully this gets out soon.

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Meeting Cost updated

Version 1.1 of Meeting Cost has been added to the app store. This version of my meeting cost calculator adds 2 key features. 1. Auto-resume. If you exit the application while the counter is running, the current information is saved. When you restart the app you’ll be prompted to continue the last session. 2. Custom […]

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iShatter 1.2 available now

The latest version of iShatter Stress Relief adds the ability to choose a photo from you library. iShatter will frame and hang the photo for your breaking pleasure. Enjoy!

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