iShatter 3 Released

Get the latest release of iShatter Stress Relief Available now! Completely redesigned interface, more screens and plenty of great new features will keep you smashing for hours. New in version 3.0 Gorgeous new interface, completely redesigned! Awesome new features including: * New screen added: Break a shelf full of vases! * New transitions and animations […]

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What are the new iOS5 Apps? – What to look out for

iOS 5 With the release date of apple’s iOS 5 quickly approaching we are starting to look out for new apps and updates. Listed below are some of the new features in iOS 5 and a few guesses on which apps may utilize these features. Visit us again once iOS 5 is officially released for […]

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iShatter Tricks – crack up your iphone’s screen!

Here’s a fun trick you can do with iShatter.  Take a screen shot of your home screen by pressing the home button and the lock button at the same time.  In iShatter, select Photo Library and choose the new screen shot.  Now tap the full screen button on the bottom right.  Enjoy smashing, breaking and […]

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Phi Camera now available in the App Store!

A new app, Phi Camera is now available in the app store! With Phi Camera you can compose beautiful photos using the power of the Golden Ratio. The Phi Spiral and “Golden Grid” guides help you frame your shots in devine proportions all within an easy to use camera app. Phi Camera Features: • Built […]

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Updated! iShatter 2 now available

A new version of iShatter is now available in the app store! iShatter 2 brings high resolution retina graphics, a variety of new cracks and and new full screen mode when choosing your own photo to smash. Prank your friends With the new full screen mode, you can take a screen shot of your home […]

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Desktop Lock now available in the app store!

Desktop Lock, a new application for iPhone, iPod and iPad is now available in the app store! This app will lock your Windows or Mac computer from your device. Read more at -Joe

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