What are the new iOS5 Apps? – What to look out for

iOS 5

With the release date of apple’s iOS 5 quickly approaching we are starting to look out for new apps and updates. Listed below are some of the new features in iOS 5 and a few guesses on which apps may utilize these features. Visit us again once iOS 5 is officially released for a detailed list of specific apps and their new features.


iCloud is Apple’s massive online storage project which will allow you to store documents, data, and media remotely in ‘the cloud’.  It is probably that Apple’s iWork apps will function with iCloud from the start. This includes Pages, Numbers & Keynote. Other likely candidates with iCloud integration are file sync apps such as dropbox and sugarsync or photo backup apps like Video Safe.

Core Image

In addition to new image filters, the Core Image API now contains face recognition. Photography apps are the likely candidates for this feature: Look for Instagram and PopBooth type apps.

AirPlay Mirroring (iPad2)

AirPlay Mirroring allows the iPad2 to send its display wirelessly to a TV via an AppleTV.  Games such as Angry Birds Rio, Real Racing 2, War Pinball are all likely to use this mirroring feature.


Not specifically one app but via Newsstand able to subscribe to newspaper / magazines in one place. News Corp.’s The Daily, New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal are likely to be available in Newsstand once this feature goes live.

Turn Based Games

Two Player turn based games. Look for Card games and Strategy games to utilize this feature.

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