Phi Camera Updated – More flexible than ever.

I’ve recently updated Phi Camera, the app which allows you to compose photos with the power of the Golden Ratio and the Phi Spiral. Now with Phi Camera you can do much more than scale the spiral and grid overlay guides, you can scale, rotate and pan the guides to any position on the screen […]

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Downtime, hosting issues

Unfortunately we’ve had some downtime for the past two days while we had an issue with our web host. As we migrate to a new host it will take some time to get things working like they used to. Some data (recent comments, several posts and updates) have been lost but most of the data […]

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iShatter 3 Released

Get the latest release of iShatter Stress Relief Available now! Completely redesigned interface, more screens and plenty of great new features will keep you smashing for hours. New in version 3.0 Gorgeous new interface, completely redesigned! Awesome new features including: * New screen added: Break a shelf full of vases! * New transitions and animations […]

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What are the new iOS5 Apps? – What to look out for

iOS 5 With the release date of apple’s iOS 5 quickly approaching we are starting to look out for new apps and updates. Listed below are some of the new features in iOS 5 and a few guesses on which apps may utilize these features. Visit us again once iOS 5 is officially released for […]

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Desktop Lock App – Lock your Mac or Windows desktop from your iPhone

Desktop Lock is a iPhone App available in the App Store which allows you to lock all of your Mac and Windows desktops with a single tap. Check out more on the Desktop Lock Homepage.

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OSX Lion – Exit Full Screen Mode

In case you missed it: Clicking the full screen arrows at the top/right of the window will enter full screen mode.  To exit full screen mode, press escape or bring the mouse to the top of the screen and the menu bar will appear showing blue arrows to exit full screen mode.

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OSX Lion – What happened to spaces?

The new mission control app is probably one of the most prevalent changes to the usability of OS X. But many users are startled by the apparent removal of spaces.  Never fear!  Most of the functionality of spaces exists in mission control. Tip 1: Spaces are now Desktops. Desktops are the equivalent of spaces in […]

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OSX Lion – This disk cannot be used to start up your computer @?!

As a number of users have reported, some Lion installations are failing due to an issue with the destination hard drive.  There is a workaround posted by apple where you resize the install partition by a small amount (suggested 128MB). Has this worked for anyone?

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OSX Lion – Remove Full Name from appearing in menu bar?

One more oddity about OSX Lion is that with fast user switching turn on, suddenly your full name appears in the menu bar.  Turn this off by going to System Prefs -> Users & Groups -> Login Options (click unlock if everything is greyed out) ->Show fast user switching menu as…  here you can uncheck […]

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OSX Lion – Where’s that Launchpad keyboard shortcut?

One neat new feature of OSX Lion is the Launchpad application which gives you an iOS-like springboard for starting applications.  By default there is no keyboard shortcut for Launchpad.  To add your own go to System Prefs-> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Launchpad & Dock -> Show Launchpad.  Double click the whitespace to the right […]

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